Multi Tool Trac wins Floriade Challenge

Multi Tool Trac wins Floriade Challenge with a great plan to build a test farm for electric traction near Amsterdam as part of Floriade 2022. With the Award and with the cooperation of mechansation- and electric companies, local gouvernement and other partners, we can make a nice start for a Electric Test and Demonstration Centre Lees meer

TEDx Amsterdam nominates Multi Tool Trac

Multi Tool Trac is nominated (1 out of 12) by TEDX Amsterdam 2016: The next iPhone will not address how we better use the scarce resources we rapidly deplete. Paul van Ham had an idea that does. But it cost a few million to build a prototype. Paul found a small number of customers willing Lees meer

European “Seal of Excellence” for Multi Tool Trac

The European Commission granted Multi Tool Trac a Seal of Excellence for her business plan to speed up the market introduction of the MTT. Independent experts evaluated the plan and awarded high scores for excellence, impact and implementation. The MTT business plan successfully passed all stringent selection and award criteria. The Seal of Excellence is Lees meer