Our Story

Multi Tool Trac builds the first electric tractor. It has a complete electric powertrain built with reliable components, a unique on-the-fly track width adjustment and five positions for all common tools and agricultural equipment. A modern 6-cylinder diesel engine with 160 kW (210 Hp) is used as range extender.

Large machines increase the capacity in arable farming, but on the other hand, they cause soil compaction at the cost of harvest quantity and quality. Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is a very good solution to this problem. CTF at 3 meter combines the advantages of CTF with minimal loss of land for tracks. Together with farmers we developed the Multi Tool Trac to be the standard tractor for use in 3 meter CTF.

The first main requirement is the ability to adjust the track gauge from 3.20 meter on the field to 2.25 on the road. The narrower gauge is required for safety on public roads. Our solution is a unique – on the fly – adjustable gauge system.

The second requirement is a long wheelbase to fit all equipment in between the front and rear wheels. This results in unique visibility of the driver on the laboured crop and a very stabilized machine.

On top of this we opted for an electric powertrain. The electric motors provide high torque, perfect for traction, and high precision driving. Electric power is made for traction. In future tractors will be electric. Many famers have started already by investing in solar power and wind energy.

The first prototype Multi Tool Trac is built in 2015/2016 and tested since then. With the results we are now finalising a second one, that will be tested in 2017.

A redesign is planned in 2018, taking into account all test results. Again this version will be tested thoroughly in practical situations before a final marketable model. We plan to have the first Multi Tool Tracs on the market by 2019/2020.

Multi Tool Trac reduces farmer’s work and enables them to be more efficient and sustainable while utilizing the soil more profitably.