MTT T220

MTT T220


The MTT Toolcarrier T220 offers a number of benefits and opportunities to your business.

Easy to drive and highly fuel-efficient

  • Full electronic steering with high precision GPS
  • Ready for master-slave and auto-steering
  • Roadworthy and incredibly manoeuvrable
  • Designed for low diesel consumption
  • From zero to 40 km/h with only one joystick

Electric powertrain for great traction

  • Four electric wheel motors provide high torque and great traction
  • Multi Tool Trac is the fi rst electric tractor in the world
  • You can use your own wind turbines or solar cells to power your tractor

Super sight on tools and equipment

  • Three positions for hitch and power take-off (PTO)
  • The machine has a perfect balance
  • Easy view on what you are doing
  • Spacy and comfortable cabin with great sight on all tools and equipment

Healthier soil, better yields

  • Controlled Traffic Farming with minimal loss of land for tracks
  • Adjustable track width for easy use on land and roads
  • Preservation of soil quality
  • Up to 20% higher yields with lower input


    • Battery capacity

• 1 hr full EV drive or 1/2 hour full EV working on the field

    • Cabin

• spacy and comfortable cabin with great sight on all tools and equipment

    • Electric powertrain

• 4 x 20 kW nominal
• 4 x 38 kW maximal

    • Equipment

• 2 x hitch and PTO 0-1000 rpm, 120kW

    • Loading capacity

• 5 tons

    • Range extender

• modern low noise Euro 6 engine. Available in 80kW (120Hp) or 175Kw (220Hp),in Diesel, CNG, LNG or Biogas.
• Frame design is prepared for hydrogen fuel cell in future

    • Steering

• full electronic steering with GPS-rtk
• ready for master-slave and auto-steering

    • Track width

• on-the-fly adjustable from 2.25 to 3.20 meter

    • Wheel base

• 3.20 meters