Controlled Traffic Farming

Let your soil do the work

In a living soil thousands of kilos of soil life are willing to help you for better profit. Just care for them by not driving on their head with you heavy equipment. Just by using a GPS and fixed tracks to separate tyres and plants. Tracks on 3.20 meter are efficient and fast.

With CTF you can get:

  • higher yields
  • better quality, with less inputs
  • better fertility of the land
  • more biodiversity
  • less compaction and a vivid soil
  • much lower costs

A tyre likes compacted soil, while plants love loose and living soil. So just give them what they want and separate them with CTF!


Controlled Traffic Farming:

  • is the most economic prevention for compaction
  • is the only help against compaction caused by machinery
  • gives the least possible compacted area by field traffic
  • gives numerous and significant benefits
  • is very good for your soil, crops and income
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
CTF on a 3 meter system
is the best combination of economic scale, logistic capacity and handiness in road-traffic. In the picture below you immediately can see why. Just calculate that one track less in every 3 meter gives you 10% more useful land:


MTT Tractors
are specially built for soilcare, to get maximum result out of the economic 3 meter CTF system: an track ratio of only 12% tracked area, 88% of your soil becomes fertile and effective:

CTF in 2 steps
It needs some effort to convert your farm to a CTF method. That’s why we advise to do it in 2 steps:
Step 1 is the so called Seasonable CTF, by with you use fixed tracks from sowing to harvest. Specially harvest machines and the transport of produce is often difficult to organize on traffic lanes.
Step 2 is a complete CTF system, including the harvest.

For further information about conversion to CTF you can contact our experts on: