Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)

Controlled Traffic Farming is driving your machines on the same tracks, always. This results in less trafficed area, better soils, lower costs and better yields.

CTF is needed because farm profit is being eroded by the compaction caused by heavy machinery running over a large proportion of field areas every year.

CTF is a sustainable solution that confines compaction to the least possible area of permanent trafic lanes. The benefit of changing to CTF for most field crops are numerous and significant: it is very good for soils, crops and for the environment and it reduces the production costs.

CTF on a 3 meter system is the best combination of economic scale, logistic capacity and handiness in road-traffic. In the picure below you immediatly can see why:

Random traffic versus CTF

Multi Tool Trac is specially built to get maximum result out of the economic 3 meter CTF system: an track ratio of only 12% tracked area, 88% of your soil becomes fertile and effective:

CTF Ratio Soil:Tracks

CTF is about the ratio Soil:Tracks

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