EU Commissioner Phil Hogan at World Food Day: CTF is the most succesfull

In his speech at World Food Day conference- 13th October 2016, Brussels, EU Commissioner Phil Hogan stated:

“The most successful example of precision agriculture on arable land is the use of controlled traffic farming which has been able to reduce machinery and input costs by up to 75% in some cases, while also increasing crop yields.”

With his speech he underlines the new EU Resolution of 7 June 2016 on technological solutions for sustainable agriculture in the EU (2015/2225(INI)):
-Recognises soil degradation to be a major constraint in agricultural production, and calls for greater ambitions and efforts to improve soil and water management practices, particularly in light of climate change;
-welcomes the development of controlled traffic farming (CTF) technologies, which reduce soil damage caused by overworking of the land, and also welcomes recent efforts to integrate high resolution remote sensing technologies into organic farming;
-encourages the Commission to quantify the environmental and production benefits of these new technologies and to ensure awareness, knowledge and technology transfer;