For Farmers, the soil is their best friend,

a gift that needs to be nurtured

That’s our belief too, and that’s why we help farmers with new innovative ways to keep the soil healthy and maximize yield at the same time. By developing machines that enable Controlled Traffic Farming and are running on hybrid engines.

Not just another tractor, but a versatile electric powertrain with excellent traction, super sight, adjustable track width, very fuel-efficient and GPS precision steering. We call it MultiToolTrac, and it gives you up to 20% higher yield with lower input and, equally important, a healthier soil. Just by letting the soil doing the work.

electric power for sustainable soil care

  • Adjustable track width on-the-fly adjustable from 2.25 to 3.20 meter
  • Electric powertrain for great traction
  • Super sight on equipment at both the front and rear hitch
  • Easy to drive and highly fuel-efficient
  • Energy from a Range-Extender on Diesel, BIO-diesel, BIO-Methane, CNG, LNG or Hydrogen
  • 4 Patents in the Netherlands and in EU, International Patents Pending

     Small Turning Radius

Our Story

MultiToolTrac reduces farmer’s work and enables them to be more efficient and profitably while caring the soil more sustainable. From the beginning it has been our dream to support farmers by building the ideal tractor optimized for sustainable soilcare.

Big machines increase the capacity, but they also cause a lot of soil compaction at the cost of harvest quantity and quality. Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is the best solution to this problem. CTF at 3 meter combines the advantages of CTF with minimal loss of land for tracks. Together with farmers we developed the MultiToolTrac to be the standard tractor for use in 3-meter CTF.

We started together with 7 innovative Dutch farmers, by designing the first tractor with a completely electric powertrain and a unique on-the-fly track width adjustment to adjust the trackwidth from 3.20 meter on the field to 2.25 on the road.

The electric powertrain is perfect for traction and high precision driving. We believe that in the future all tractors will be electric. Many famers have already laid the foundation for electric drive on their farm by investing in solar and wind power.

The first MultiToolTrac was built in 2015, the second in 2017. Both have been tested extensively since then. With all good results we are putting now our unique electric powertrain in a lighter and more common version: E120 and E175.

With MTT Tractors BV we build our own company with our own committed people to produce innovative machines for professional farmers.

We are entering the market with our new E120 and E175. E120 will be ready and shown to the public in spring 2020. In the Summer of 2020 we will bring the E120 & E175 in series production. From 2021 a BIO-gas version will be available and in 2022 we will launch a super clean hydrogen tractor. All based on our modular chassis and proven powertrain that we have extendedly tested since 2015.

Paul van Ham explained for TEDx Amsterdam in 2016 why and what he wants to achieve with MultiToolTrac.

Why happy worms are working for us:

Why invest in MultiToolTrac?

Track Width Adjustment

Adjustable track width

For CTF our trackwidth adjustment is obvious. But also in all other crop systems you have a big advantage if you can adjust your trackwidth while working. Depending your tools a trackwidth of 2.25, 2.50 or 3.00 m is efficient for a lot of crops.

With a good soil-clearance of 70 cm you can get through any crop quite lately.

4 wheel drive

Our electric 4 wheel drive performs great. You can control wheelslip and traction on any type of soil, which garantees the best fuel efficiency.

While 60% of the machine weight is at the front axle, you never need a extra frontweight to compensate.

Small Turning Radius

4 wheel steering

Four wheel steering allow you to spin around with a turning circle of only 9.6m. We combined for you the manoeuverability of a small traditional tractor with all benefits of a wide 3.20m system.

Turning tight circles not only makes great fun, it is speeding up your capacity tremendously. With our special pivot steering you even can turn your machine sur-place.

Electric powertrain

Our electric powertrain is stronger and smoother. And it needs less maintenance than a conventional driveline. Wheels and PTO can be controlled 100% precise and independent. With a joystick you easily control speed and direction. PTO runs both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

We offer you a serious range of engines. Besides that the modular frame is ready for an easy shift to the utmost sustainable fuels like hydrogen.


Sparked by Farmers

Since 5 years MultiToolTrac develops and build professional electric tractors. Based on the proven powertrain technology developed for big toolcarriers, we now biuld a allround tractor for all day use.

This decision is merely based on the change in the market where front runners in arable farming are asking for lighter machines. As one farmer told us: 2 year ago we bought the biggest tractor in Holland on the market, but in 10 years that will be disappeared and we will run only light weight machines, partly without driver.